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Practical Tips for Controllers & CFOs is a practical seminar provides more than 400 tips to help you at work. As a finance leader, you are expected to be able to deal with a myriad of issues and situations.  You have your experience and what you learned from colleagues and mentors, but this course will provide you with many more veteran tips,  including many unconventional ones. You won’t find these tips in most courses or text books, but you’ll be able to use many of them. Share experiences and practices with other participants. Bench-mark some of your practices with those of your peers. This seminar “grows” continuously with new tips from past participants.  Nearly 8,000 accountants have attended Practical Tips for Controllers & CFOs.  Participants will also want to attend the companion course, Practical Tips for Controllers & CFOs - The Case Course. 


This course contains one hour of verifiable ethics content for those Canadian provinces which have specific ethics PD requirements.

What you’ll learn

  • A different take on key indicator reporting

  • Getting the most out of your bank

  • Cash flow crisis: what to do when it happens

  • Useful technology tips 

  • M&A: the good, the bad and the ugly

  • More creative thinking for accountants

  • The fast close

  • Straight talk on ethics

  • Auditors & lawyers: working better together

  • And more

Who will benefit

Controllers, CFOs, directors of finance, treasurers and accounting managers (or their advisors) in small to medium-sized companies: you will gain practical tips for your daily work. Accountants from large companies, government and not-for-profits also find the course useful. In addition, it is helpful for people moving toward these roles.

Seminar Feedback

  • Stephen is great at teaching practical tips for controllers and CFOs. This course is tailored to basically any company, large or small, profit or not-for-profit

  • Several “light bulb” moments (both new and reminders)

  • It is appealing in that it’s based on actual CFO experience

  • Stephen's style of presentation and ability to keep my interest is not common amongst presenters.

  • Excellent use of examples to illustrate content/drive relevant points

  • Fast paced but not hurried

  • Totally practical and Steve made the course interesting

  • Instructor has broad, diverse experiences

  • Fill in the blank method, good to keep engaged

  • I liked the energy of the “course presenter” and his ability to interject personal experiences into the course

  • Real world examples enhance the content/material

  • Wide ranging, goes into non-financial areas I didn’t expect it to go into that were very useful

  • Course presenter’s style (clarity, examples, humour)

  • Totally practical and Steve made the course interesting

  • Enjoyed the jokes and stories

  • My Controller and I really enjoyed your humour and the course you gave

  • I liked the sharing of knowledge of unconventional tips, and practical ones as well

  • I found the sharing of ideas with your peers to get fresh ideas appealing

  • Great opportunity to hear how to become a good CFO

  • Usually PD seminars are dull - this lecturer was a refreshing change and stimulates interest