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Course Overview &  Passport

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Practical PD Passport

Practical PD offers a Passport.   A Passport means the purchaser gets 25% off the regular price on Self-Study video courses, Webinars and in-class sessions, when three or more are purchased.     


Just enter the coupon code Passport PPD at Checkout.

If you don't want to buy three courses at once, you can still qualify for the 25% off if you buy three or more courses within a year.  Purchase the first two courses at the regular price, and then inform us before you make the third purchase, and we will ensure you get the 25% discount on all three.  


For example, suppose you sign up for a $249 course, later a $149 course and finally another $149 course. You pay the full price for the first two, but you would only pay $2.25 for the third course. In fact purchasing the third course,  could actually involve you getting a refund for the third course, the way the math could work out for some combination of purchases.

If you have a coupon code due to a special promotion or seminar prize, this works on top of the Passport, but please contact us before making such purchases, because of checkout complications.

Reach out to us at if you have any other questions about the operation of the Passport.

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