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Self-study course

The Self-Study course consists of a 4 hour video accessed via Vimeo for 60 days and the course material.  It costs $149 Canadian plus applicable taxes (Canadian customers only). It is 40% cheaper with our Passport.   For international customers, approximately one US dollar will purchase approximately $1.20 Canadian on a credit card.  To purchase this package click here

There is an optional quiz for accountants whose body requires one to obtain verifiable or structured CPD hours.  Upon successful completion of the short quiz included with the course material, your CPD Certificate will be provided. If you have any questions, please email  

Up-coming live sessions

Several professional accounting bodies also offer webinar offerings of this course in Canada and other countries.  Generally, membership is required for favourable pricing.  You can find out by checking your professional body’s website, or ask us -

Practical Financial Negotiation Tips 

This half day course covers many useful financial negotiation tips, illustrated by real-life examples that will get you thinking.  Participants will work through mini-cases, to apply principles and increase their financial and business creativity, and help their organization to be financially successful in negotiations.  This course is different from and complements tactical/strategic negotiation courses, by being more financial-oriented, with lots of specific examples. It is partly about how to persuade, but more about creating different financial options that would be attractive to other party.  The tips provided are also useful for internal negotiations.    This course contains 0.25 hours of ethics content for those Canadian provinces which have verifiable ethics PD hours requirements, except Quebec.  (CPA Quebec does not accept the ethics content of this amount). More than 98% of the course content applies outside Canada, so it is of interest to accountants from anywhere in the world.

What you’ll learn

  • Gaining the courage to negotiate – some accountants don’t have it

  • General financial negotiation tips

  • Complex sales deals with multiple elements

  • Working the numbers to your advantage

  • Negotiating high risk financing

  • Finding new angles and dimensions to negotiate

  • Sharing success with the other party

  • Purchasing negotiations - service and goods

  • Examples in various industries and contexts

  • Key watch outs and lessons learned

  • Some unusual tactics that you can use

  • Ethics in negotiations

  • Bureaucracy – don’t take no for an answer


Who will benefit


Anybody involved directly or indirectly in or advising with respect to financial negotiations. Because of the wide range of topic coverage, most accountants would benefit from this course, unless they are pure specialists, i.e. forensic, tax, IT, bankruptcy, valuations or audit.  It is aimed at accountants in leadership positions, such as Controllers, CFOs and directors of finance, as well as those in public practice or consulting, who advise clients.  Accountants from large companies, government and not-for-profits also find the course useful.  It is also helpful for analysts and accountants moving toward these roles. 

Course Feedback


  • This course definitely brings value. Should be able to monetize it in the near future.

  • A comprehensive course, with some valuable material on how accountants can become better negotiators leveraging real-life scenarios and examples. Stephen's humour always adds a nice touch to the course :)

  • Even if a certain tip does not directly apply to your position or current job, you can see how the tip or skill can be applied in other areas of both personal and professional nature

  • Enjoyed the course

  • The course was informative and very unique in that real life examples are provided throughout, so it is more practical than theoretical even though you do obtain theory as well. 

  • I find you bring a lot of energy to the course which makes it easier to take in the information.

  • All my expectations were met

  • Your personable and relatable. I enjoyed the webinar because it felt grounded in reality not theory 

  • Greatly appreciated 

  • I found the course very interesting, geared more for accountants with larger clients.

  • I will put many tips to use.

  • I really enjoyed the course and yes it did meet my expectations.

  • I really enjoyed the real life examples that were communicated to us

  • I enjoyed your course. It reminded me of how great my parents (Italian immigrants) were at negotiating. They never paid ticket price for anything! 

  • The course highlighted how negotiating a deal is far from just being about the value of a product. In most cases, involves personality of the buyer, what’s key in that moment (could be different the next time around) and evaluating the full picture. We are often too rushed in our jobs to take the time to do a proper evaluation and we just might leave money on the table by doing so! 


  • I liked the tips on negotiation complexity and brain storming in advance

  • Learned some terms such as MFN, sweat equity. It was a good refresh of concepts.

  • Instructor very knowledgeable and provided real life examples

  • Good speaker

  • The content was good in the seminar, including the handout

  • The numerous examples of how to creatively tackle potential hurdles was great

  • Fantastic best speaker I’ve ever seen

  • Thanks Stephen, kept it interesting!

  • Another great webinar, Stephen. looking forward to seeing you again at other webinars.

  • Thank you for the awesome webinar

  • Thank you for the presentation just now, via CPABC.  You did a good job of keeping a potentially dry topic very interesting.  I received some good tips that I think will be very useful in my work life.

  • Thank you for the wealth of negotiation tips you shared today

  • Thank you for providing an entertaining and engaging webinar

  • Great presentation today

  • Thanks for the session Stephen, I enjoyed it a lot. I appreciate the entertainment and engagement that you've put into your presentation and your practical lessons learned from successes and failures. 

  • You were very engaging, so the time flew by

  • Great job, thank you

  • The course was excellent 


  • Inspiring  – I now feel more empowered to negotiate

  • Wished I had taken courses of this type 20 years ago

  • Great teacher

  • Instructor's amazing experience with negotiations opened up my eyes to methods and tactics that have actually worked in various scenarios.

  • I found the seminar to be very practical for the wide range of specific financial negotiations I am involved with as CFO of our organization

  • It was a fun and informative morning listening to the real life stories and seriously out-of-the box approaches in some of those negotiation deals

  • Impressive.  Stephen has so much knowledge and experience to share

  • The subject matter is relevant to all industries

  • Teacher was great, loved the anecdotes

  • A fun learning environment that kept me focused

  • Practical advice, real life stories, and humour

  • I liked the common sense real life examples that are not always obvious

  • It was quite different from the tactical negotiations seminar I previously attended.  It had a different approach, different angles and it was not a repeat

  • Interesting topic and perspective

  • All of the real life examples were very interesting

  • The course had very specific examples that are applicable in professional and personal situations

  • Instructor use common experiences that most people would encounter

  • I really liked the general principles and how the instructor had used or seen them used in practice

  • Identifying a number of opportunities to negotiate that I had never considered

  • Interesting content, real-life examples, fast-paced

  • I enjoyed the numerous examples and tips that were provided often in a case format that engaged the whole class

  • Stephen was an engaging and informative seminar leader

  • I liked the practical approach, funny

  • Real life examples, interaction with other attendees

  • Stephen spoke from his many years of experience with such negotiations

  • I am currently applying some of the tips you taught to specific circumstances our company is currently facing such as negotiating royalty agreements and the business acquisitions we are working on - I cannot think of a better endorsement 

  • Thank you for the very useful seminar last Friday

  • More about creative financial negotiation ideas and tips and not about tactics

  • Practical tips to use in many specific situations

  • Lots of case studies where class could participate

  • Engaging speaker, many examples, relevant to current business situations.

  • Real life experiences, fast paced

  • Good speaker, interesting to hear

  • A lot of different ways of involving the participants

  • Energetic presenter

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