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Self-study course

The Self-Study course consists of a 4 hour video accessed via Vimeo for 60 days and the course material.  It costs $149 Canadian plus applicable taxes (Canadian customers only).  It is 40% cheaper with our Passport.   To purchase this course click here .  For international customers, approximately one US dollar will be $1.20 Canadian on a credit card.  There is an optional quiz for accountants whose body requires one to obtain verifiable or structured CPD hours.  Upon successful completion of the short quiz included with the course material, your CPD Certificate will be provided. If you have any questions, please email  

Up-coming live sessions

Several professional accounting bodies also offer webinar offerings of this course in Canada and other countries.  Generally, membership is required for favourable pricing.  You can find out by checking your professional body’s website, or ask us -

Ten Practical Tips for Financial Leaders

This interactive, half-day workshop, led by corporate veteran Stephen Priddle, CPA, CA, CMA, provides useful discussions, tips and applications on ten financial leadership topics.  There is something for everyone in this workshop, which covers:


  1. The top 10 trouble spots for financial leaders - and some innovative ways to mitigate them

  2. Measuring the performance of the finance function – most of you don’t do this

  3. Dealing with the sales department – who often don’t listen!

  4. Insurance tips – rarely covered in courses

  5. Some different management & leadership tips

  6. Finding economic predictors for your organization

  7. Payroll & benefits tips – reducing this cost

  8. Financial forecasting keys

  9. Travel cost saving tips

  10. What every CEO needs in a financial leader

Nearly 2,000 accountants have take this course.  More than 90% of the course content applies outside Canada, so it is of interest to accountants from anywhere in the world.


In Quebec, this course is called Practical Brainstorming - Top Ten Trouble Spots and Other Useful Topics for Financial Leaders but it is the identical course.


Who will benefit


The course is aimed at accountants in leadership positions, such as Controllers, CFOs and directors of finance, as well as accountants in public practice or consulting, who advise clients.  It is also helpful for accountants moving toward these roles. 

Course Feedback


  • In a nutshell, it felt like a lunch and lunch discussion with a very knowledgeable colleague or friend.

  • Great course it felt honest and compelling. I feel a lot of CPA courses try to over explain things. This course somehow distilled lots of great info in a quick, easy and entertaining way. Looking forward to see more.

  • Nice course good presentation had fun

  • I liked the fact that it was very informative and easy to follow

  • Slides were clear and concise.

  • Overall, the course was interesting with lots of valid and useful information.

  • I’ve also noted some interesting information about the INSURANCE portion of this video. Little details that might not be so forthcoming when looking for the best coverage or when faced with unexpected ‘’life hacks’’

  • I appreciated the tone used throughout the video making the viewer (me) interacted with even though it’s not a live conference. (Humour and friendly behavior of the host). The host made his experience and knowledge relatable with anecdotes and ‘’stories’’

  • I really enjoyed the course and the humour that was a part of it. It was engaging and was not a drag to watch - unlike some other training videos I have watched.

  • I will say that I got a lot out of the course and am going to try and implement the tips and tricks into my career as I progress through the management track.

  • I think the format of the course and the amount of time spent on each topic is perfect.

  • Very interesting course! It's refreshing to have a course that covers "real work experiences" that probably all accountants in the industry have also experienced (or will at some point in time). I will definitely be more vigilant on certain items that were covered. I really liked the touch of humour of the instructor which made the video engaging. 

  • I loved the course in it's entirety . It was well explained, There were a lot of examples.

  • The right amount of jokes to keep us entertained and keep the mood not so serious.

  • Very well done for a video really

  • You actually had my attention the full time

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thanks for sharing your life experience through the stories.

  • I enjoyed the course and learned a few points (advice re: insurance) that I will certainly apply to my clients.  I in particular enjoy the real life examples.  It is good to go through the theory, but real life application is certainly more useful and more interesting!!

  • Enjoyed the practical applications and humour... rare in cpa courses. 


  • Amazing instructor

  • Great course today, I picked up lots of great tips!

  • It was a great course and got me thinking.

  • I really enjoyed the course this morning.

  • You did a great job delivering the material in a fun and interactive way. I look forward to signing up for more of your courses.

  • The slides … included insightful information that I would definitely like to apply to my current position/situation

  • Thanks for the engaging class today. 

  • Time flew by quick and I learned in the process!

  • It was both interesting and entertaining


  • Stephen is an interesting speaker and kept the audience engaged

  • Another great session! Looking forward to your next courses (self-study video course)

  • Excellent session

  • Travel controls and insurance topics rarely covered elsewhere

  • Good fast-paced presentation with lots of good real life tips

  • Excellent presentation

  • Great amount of examples and practical content

  • Would definitely choose this speaker again.

  • Folksy and fun

  • Good session

  • Very practical

  • I liked the group discussion and learning from others

  • You delivered an excellent session

  • Excellent presenter

  • Great instructor with great energy

  • Practical tips. Group discussion.  Idea sharing

  • The group discussion appealed to me

  • Tips were very practical and realistic. Easy to understand

  • Good mix of materials vs time

  • Realistic examples, knowledgeable presenter

  • The mix of lecture and table discussion was appealing

  • It was something I could use

  • Good practical ideas

  • Different from regular Accounting courses and very practical

  • Good points of discussion with my clients

  • Highlights key issues facing accountants in leadership

  • Lots of relevant examples

  • Practical topics relevant to real world situations

  • Interactive nature of the workshop, opportunity to learn from others in various industries

  • The practicality appealed to me

  • Practical, relevant topics; great examples.  Instructor very knowledgeable

  • Involves quite a few discussions/brainstorming with the other participants and that helps learning

  • Quite a few interesting things/tips

  • Instructor knowledge and experience

  • Advice/stories

  • Fast and furious, no wasted time

  • Good examples, interesting topics covered

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