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This interactive, half-day workshop, led by corporate veteran Stephen Priddle, CPA, CA, CMA, provides useful discussions, tips and applications on ten financial leadership topics. The workshop includes several interactive table brain-storming sessions. There is something for everyone in this workshop, which covers:


  1. The top 10 trouble spots for financial leaders - and some innovative ways to mitigate them

  2. Measuring the performance of the finance function – most of you don’t do this

  3. Dealing with the sales department – who often don’t listen!

  4. Insurance tips – rarely covered in courses

  5. Some different management & leadership tips

  6. Finding economic predictors for your organization

  7. Payroll & benefits tips – reducing this cost

  8. Financial forecasting keys

  9. Travel cost saving tips

  10. What every CEO needs in a financial leader

Over 1,300 accountant have attended this seminar.


In Ontario and Quebec, this seminar is called Practical Brainstorming - Top Ten Trouble Spots and Other Useful Topics for Financial Leaders but it is the identical seminar.


Who will benefit


The seminar is aimed at accountants in leadership positions, such as Controllers, CFOs and directors of finance, as well as accountants in public practice or consulting, who advise clients.  It is also helpful for accountants moving toward these roles. 

Seminar Feedback

  • Stephen is an interesting speaker and kept the audience engaged

  • Excellent session

  • Travel controls and insurance topics rarely covered elsewhere

  • Good fast-paced presentation with lots of good real life tips

  • Excellent presentation

  • Great amount of examples and practical content

  • Would definitely choose this speaker again.

  • Folksy and fun

  • Good session

  • Very practical

  • I liked the group discussion and learning from others

  • You delivered an excellent session

  • Excellent presenter

  • Great instructor with great energy

  • Practical tips. Group discussion.  Idea sharing

  • The group discussion appealed to me

  • Tips were very practical and realistic. Easy to understand

  • Good mix of materials vs time

  • Realistic examples, knowledgeable presenter

  • The mix of lecture and table discussion was appealing

  • It was something I could use

  • Good practical ideas

  • Different from regular Accounting courses and very practical

  • Good points of discussion with my clients

  • Highlights key issues facing accountants in leadership

  • Lots of relevant examples

  • Practical topics relevant to real world situations

  • Interactive nature of the workshop, opportunity to learn from others in various industries

  • The practicality appealed to me

  • Practical, relevant topics; great examples.  Instructor very knowledgeable

  • Involves quite a few discussions/brainstorming with the other participants and that helps learning

  • Quite a few interesting things/tips

  • Instructor knowledge and experience

  • Advice/stories

  • Fast and furious, no wasted time

  • Good examples, interesting topics covered