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Self-study course

The course consists of the 1 hour video accessed via Vimeo for 60 days and the course material.

It costs $49 Canadian plus applicable taxes (charged to Canadian customers only).  To purchase access to this material consisting of the video on Vimeo and the course material via PDF,  click hereIt is 40% cheaper with our Passport. For international customers, approximately one US dollar will purchase $1.20 Canadian on a credit card.

There is an optional quiz for accountants whose body requires one to obtain verifiable or structured CPD hours.   If you have any questions, please email 

Up-coming live sessions

There are currently no webinar sessions scheduled.

Practical Foreign Exchange Management

Learn practical foreign exchange management approaches & tips. The course is for those new to foreign exchange management or with less experience. It is taught by a veteran CFO with wide foreign exchange and treasury experience, which brings a different perspective, rather than being banker-taught. Lessons are driven home by discussing a short case.

• The only rational approach that well-run companies take
• When your colleagues want to speculate
• Conversion options – getting better rates
• Hedging – basics and more advanced
• Unusual situations - bidding in a foreign currency
• The banking implications
• The related internal controls that are critical
• An approach to a formal foreign exchange management policy

This course is a 1 hour topical extract from the course Practical Tips for Controllers & CFOs - The Case Course

This session was created and is presented by a veteran CFO Stephen Priddle who has created courses that almost 28,000 accountants have attended and are known for practicality, examples, and humour, who is prolific writer of published cases.  

About 90% of the course content applies outside Canada, so it is of interest to accountants from anywhere in the world.

Who will benefit

Accountants or business people who deal with foreign currency.

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