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Practical Ethics for Accountants

This full-day course is a comprehensive discussion on ethics in business and accounting and is different from most ethics courses in its practicality and examples and coverage.  It provides veteran smarts to deal with ethical dilemmas which are explained carefully with real-life cases and humour. The course was created and is presented by an experienced CFO, with extensive real-life insight, and personal experience with ethical dilemmas of various kinds.


The course is taught by veteran CFO and accounting speaker Stephen Priddle, CPA, CA, CMA. Stephen speaks regularly on the topic of ethics, values and character to accounting and other audiences. He has personally had to resign from a job due to ethical considerations and has had a number of ethical dilemmas in his career. He previously sat on the legacy CPA body Ad Hoc Ethics Advisory Committee and is a prolific author of published case studies, many of which cover ethics.  More than 95% of the course content applies outside Canada, so it is of interest to accountants from anywhere in the world.


What you’ll learn

  • Integrity in business in general

  • The intersection of character, values, and ethics

  • The dangers of rationalizing

  • Ethical principles and the CPA code of conduct

  • How to avoid unethical situations

  • Ethics in the job interview

  • Ethics in public accounting

  • How to resolve ethical problems with integrity

  • Work through practical cases on all types of situations

  • When you have to resign

  • Leveraging and dealing with ethics advisors and lawyers

  • Reforming colleagues who are leaning toward the unethical

  • Confidentiality and ethics

  • And more


Who will benefit


Because of the centrality of ethics, most accountants would benefit from this seminar.      

Past feedback on the content


  • Ethics (topic) was ten times more valuable than the (provincial CPA 4 hours ethics course)

  • Ethics webinars can be cheesy but this one was good that it tied back to real world experiences

  • Could recognize that Stephen was also very experienced, knowledgeable and ethically strong accountant

  • I currently have an ethical issue which I have to deal with at work & I think this seminar led me to have a good idea as to how to approach this

  • He  knew what accountants face, whether as an entry accountant or CFO

  • Your messages on ethics was most helpful 

  • For the first time ethical complexities were discussed

  • Focus on ethics long over due

  • Ethics discussion, very practical thought evoking discussion

  • Strong ethics direction, lots of examples, practical implementation, resources

  • Stephen is an excellent instructor for this course... broad experience / well organized/exemplary character!

  • I especially enjoyed the ethics discussions

  • Ethics piece was very insightful

  • Liked the ethics scenarios

  • His discussion on ethics was also great

  • Different points of view on ethics

  • The cases on ethics were most useful

  • Focus on character was appealing

  • I liked the concrete tips of how to address ethical situations

  • Very practical cases were reviewed including a strong emphasis on ethics

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