Self-study course

The Self-Study course contains a little more content than the webinar version, since there are no live discussions, and the instructor provides highlights from past live discussions.  The course consists of the 2 hour video accessed via Vimeo for 60 days and the course material. The cost is $85 Canadian plus applicable taxes (charged to Canadian customers only).  To purchase access to this material consisting of the video on Vimeo and the course material via PDF,  click here It is 40% cheaper with our Passport. For international customers, approximately one US dollar will purchase 1.38 Canadian on a credit card.


Note: Quebec CPAs must purchase access rights through CPA Quebec, with different pricing, but cheaper with different types of passports, click here.

There is an optional quiz for accountants whose body requires one to obtain verifiable or structured CPD hours.   If you have any questions, please email 

Up-coming live sessions

Click on the date below to be taken to register and pay for the event which costs $95 Canadian plus applicable taxes (Canadian customers only). It is 40% cheaper with our Passport.    For the February 24 session only, Quebec CPAs must register on the CPA Quebec website 

Some professional accounting bodies offer live, webinar and Self-Study (On-Demand) offerings of this course in Canada, the US and other countries.  Generally, membership is required for favourable pricing.  You can find out by checking your professional body’s website, or ask us -

Practical Work Smarts for All

This different two hour Webinar gives participants a wide range of useful tips, tricks and smarts to deal with the daily work challenges in any kind of organization.  They are illustrated with specific examples and stories obtained from real life experience.  

This session was created and is presented by a veteran CFO Stephen Priddle who has created seminars that over 14,000 accountants have attended and are known for practicality, examples, and humour, who is prolific writer of published cases.   

Since 95% of the course content applies outside Canada, it is of interest to accountants from anywhere in the world.


What you’ll learn

  • Really seeing the big picture when others are only seeing the small picture

  • Supervising, managing and hiring specialists in a field, when you are not

  • Coping with the difficult boss or stubborn owner

  • Tips on treating employees right

  • Cutting through to the main issue

  • A teaching style to help your staff to grow

  • Asking the tough questions that no one asks – the elephant in the room

  • Creating policies without bureaucracy

  • Getting more out of meetings

  • Dealing with pressure and deadlines

  • Leveraging your time to get more things done

  • And more…


Who will benefit


The webinar is of interest to CPAs, business executives and managers and other employees in all kinds of organization.

Past feedback

  • It was really fantastic and a valuable addition to my knowledge base

  • I find that I can remember what you talked about long after the course because of the stories and how the session flows.  Great job and thanks again!

  • It is a practical way to add value to my knowledge base to confront practical scenarios in real life situations

  • (Discussion of) time management, prioritization and good communication skills were most useful

  • You are excellent and lots of funs you put in

  • Interesting as always

  • Time management tips are always useful!

  • Good information in all topics – well done!

  • The section on policies and the creative ideas around recognizing staff were useful

  • Elephant in the room is probably a good topic. 

  • It was a pleasure to attend your seminar today!  Thanks very much for sharing your wisdom

  • Overall I found it was a super useful seminar with lots of great tidbits of information and practical tips that I will definitely be incorporating into my work and home life as well

  • I found the information on managing meetings very useful.

  • I love the anecdotes mixed in with information.  And the jokes. 

  • I really appreciated you sharing personal information about how you manage your time.  That was meaningful to me. 

  • Many thanks for facilitating the course.  Inspiring to take two hours and really think about practical tips to help navigate the business world and manage yourself and others (both upward and downward)

  • I found it was all useful for me

  • This was wonderful!

  • Appreciated the anticdotes and personal stories.  

  • Use of the chat function also made the course engaging.  Much more difficult to interact with people on a webinar compared to a live presentation and you managed to keep my attention!

  • The slide that noted productivity is correlated to the square of the number of participants is entirely true.  This was one of the most insightful parts of the presentation for me.

  • Thank you Steve, this is really a value

  • This was awesome

  • Very helpful!!

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