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Self-study course

The course consists of the 2 hour video accessed via Vimeo for 60 days and the course material.

It costs $85 Canadian plus applicable taxes (charged to Canadian customers only).  To purchase access to this material consisting of the video on Vimeo and the course material via PDF,  click hereIt is 40% cheaper with our Passport. For international customers, approximately one US dollar will purchase $1.20 Canadian on a credit card.

There is an optional quiz for accountants whose body requires one to obtain verifiable or structured CPD hours.   If you have any questions, please email 

Up-coming live sessions

Some professional accounting bodies also offer webinar offerings of this course in Canada and other countries.  Generally, membership is required for favourable pricing.  You can find out by checking your professional body’s website, or ask us -

Ethics - Where the Rubber Hits the Road

This course is different from most ethics courses in its practicality and examples and coverage, taught by an active CFO who has faced many real-life ethics issues and many realistic cases are discussed. 

It comprises 2 ethics hours for Canadian CPAs.


  • Ethics in society and do people trust accountants?

  • Who was the greatest Canadian business/accounting crook of all time?

  • Are there gray areas?

  • The “I was just following orders” excuse

  • Ethically difficult situations and working outside Canada

  • Making your ethical standards known internally

  • Ethics analysis and resolution principles applied

  • Get them to put it in writing

  • Whistleblower lines and codes of conduct

  • Invoicing games         

  • Bank reporting ethics

  • Ethics and FOFI – a solution

  • Illegal practices

  • Management over-ride         

  • Small business tax fraud

  • Procurement fraud

  • Caught in a family feud

  • This should not have been approved

This course is a 2 hour  topical extract from the course Practical Tips for Controllers & CFOs - The Case Course

This session was created and is presented by a veteran CFO Stephen Priddle who has created courses that nearly 28,000 accountants have attended and are known for practicality, examples, and humour, who is prolific writer of published cases.  

80% of the course content applies outside Canada, so it is of interest to accountants from anywhere in the world.

Who will benefit

Anybody with an interest in ethics or needing ethics hours.

Feedback on the video

  • Excellent course. Steve is a really engaging speaker and the content was very interesting.

  • There were some topics that really hit home for me, especially things I thought were "grey area" but now see you have to move to either black or white.

  • Taking this course reminded me of several situations in my career that I should have used the Whistle blowers line or contacted someone from outside the organization. In the end, each situation was identified, but unfortunately, not by me.

  • I appreciated the very applicable real-world examples. A good reminder that there are options on the path to do the right thing.

  • Great and interesting examples!

Webinar and in-person feedback

  • Ethics webinars can be cheesy but this one was good that it tied back to real-world experiences

  • Very engaging, fast-paced & informative

  • I like the concrete examples of dealing with CEOs re ethics

  • Could recognize that Stephen was also a very experienced, knowledgeable, and ethically strong accountant

  • I currently have an ethical issue that I have to deal with at work & I think this course led me to have a good idea as to how to approach 

  • He knew what accountants face, whether as an entry accountant or CFO

  • Your messages on ethics was most helpful 

  • Ethics discussion, very practical thought evoking discussion

  • Strong ethics direction, lots of examples, practical implementation, resources

  • Stephen is an excellent instructor for this course... broad experience / well organized/exemplary character!

  • Very practical cases were reviewed

  • Great takeaway: forecast vs. projection

  • Real life examples kept it relevant and interesting

  • Very relatable

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