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Stephen Priddle, CPA, CA, CMA is the President and Founder of Practical PD.

Stephen is the Vice-President, Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of SureWx Inc. based in Pointe-Claire Quebec.  SureWx is a global aviation company, an industry leader in the area of assisting airlines optimizing winter operations.

An engaging and experienced speaker, Stephen Priddle weaves practical tips together with stories from his business experience and input from participants. Seasoning the mix with a dose of accounting humour, he serves up useful and dynamic seminars. 

Stephen’s teaching experience includes presenting accounting seminars for over 40 accounting bodies and organizations in Canada and abroad.  Stephen is a prolific author. His published business, accounting and finance cases are used by organizations across Canada.

Stephen has over 30 years of varied business experience. After working with KPMG for five years, he moved into industry, where he has worked for public and private companies. He has gained a wide range of experience in financial reporting, treasury management, merger & acquisition and other business matters.

Stephen obtained his CPA, CA and CMA designations following graduation from Carleton University with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree.

The seminar is being held at the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton, Dorval, 1900 Trans-Canada Hwy, from 8:30 to 12.

The seminar is being offered by Practical PD Seminars for Accountants in Partnership with CPA Quebec.  Quebec CPAs should register the through the CPA Quebec site here.  The cost is $199 plus taxes, but is cheaper for holders of a PD passport.  All others can register for $199 plus taxes by sending an email with subject "Registration June 20 AM" to

Practical Financial Negotiation Tips - AM June 20, 2019

This half day course taught by a veteran CFO covers many useful financial negotiation tips, illustrated by real-life examples that will get you thinking.  Participants will work through mini-cases, to apply principles and increase their financial and business creativity, and help their organization to be financially successful in negotiations.  They can also bring current work negotiation situations to class to brain storm on them.  This seminar is different from and complements tactical/strategic negotiation seminars, by being more financial-oriented, with lots of specific examples. It is partly about how to persuade, but more about creating different financial options that would be attractive to other party.    

What you’ll learn

  • General financial negotiation tips

  • Complex sales deals with multiple elements

  • Working the numbers to your advantage

  • Financing negotiations

  • Finding new angles and dimensions to negotiate

  • Sharing success with the other party

  • Purchasing negotiations - service and goods

  • Examples in various industries and contexts

  • Key watch outs and lessons learned

  • Some unusual tactics that you can use

  • Ethics in negotiations

  • Bureaucracy – don’t take no for an answer


Who will benefit


Anybody involved directly or indirectly in or advising with respect to financial negotiations, including accountants, business owners and lawyers.  Accountants who will benefit, include those in leadership positions, such as Controllers, CFOs and directors of finance, as well as those in public practice or consulting, who advise clients.  Accountants from large companies, government and not-for-profits also find the course useful.  It is also helpful for analysts and accountants moving toward these roles. 

Seminar Feedback

  • I found the seminar to be very practical for the wide range of specific financial negotiations I am involved with as CFO of our organization

  • It was a fun and informative morning listening to the real life stories and seriously out-of-the box approaches in some of those negotiation deals

  • The subject matter is relevant to all industries

  • Teacher was great, loved the anecdotes

  • A fun learning environment that kept me focused

  • Practical advice, real life stories, and humour

  • I liked the common sense real life examples that are not always obvious

  • It was quite different from the tactical negotiations seminar I previously attended.  It had a different approach, different angles and it was not a repeat

  • Interesting topic and perspective

  • All of the real life examples were very interesting

  • The course had very specific examples that are applicable in professional and personal situations

  • Instructor use common experiences that most people would encounter

  • I really liked the general principles and how the instructor had used or seen them used in practice

  • Identifying a number of opportunities to negotiate that I had never considered

  • Interesting content, real-life examples, fast-paced

  • I enjoyed the numerous examples and tips that were provided often in a case format that engaged the whole class

  • Stephen was an engaging and informative seminar leader

  • I liked the practical approach, funny

  • Real life examples, interaction with other attendees

  • Stephen spoke from his many years of experience with such negotiations

  • I am currently applying some of the tips you taught to specific circumstances our company is currently facing such as negotiating royalty agreements and the business acquisitions we are working on - I cannot think of a better endorsement 

  • Thank you for the very useful seminar last Friday

  • More about creative financial negotiation ideas and tips and not about tactics

  • You are a great story teller

  • Practical tips to use in many specific situations

  • Lots of case studies where class could participate

  • Engaging speaker, many examples, relevant to current business situations.

  • Real life experiences, fast paced

  • Good speaker, interesting to hear

  • A lot of different ways of involving the participants

  • Energetic presenter

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