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Self-study course

The course consists of the 2 hour video accessed via Vimeo for 180 days and the course material.

It will cost $85 Canadian plus applicable taxes (charged to Canadian customers only).  To purchase access to this material consisting of the video on Vimeo and the course material via PDF,  click here. It is 40% cheaper with our Passport. For international customers, approximately one US dollar will purchase $1.20 Canadian on a credit card.

There will be an optional quiz for accountants whose body requires one to obtain verifiable or structured CPD hours.   If you have any questions, please email 

Up-coming live sessions

There are no sessions currently scheduled.

Don't Leave Home Without Your Ethics

This practical course goes outside of the topics offered in many ethics courses for CPAs, to cover a number of different issues, see below.  Real cases are analyzed and lessons draw from them.  The course was created and presented by a veteran ethics instructor, who has taught ethics to over 24,000 accountants.

It comprises 2 ethics hours for Canadian and Bermuda CPAs.



  • Ethics strategies, using mini cases to practice ethical thinking

  • Do our ethics deteriorate after we enter the business world?

  • Dealing with an ethics tip-off

  • Ethics and worker safety

  • Fundraising scenarios and moral considerations

  • Ethics, advertising and you

  • Ethics, are they innate?

  • The corporate ethical conscience

  • Can CPAs be too narrow?

  • Ethics and government funding applications, it can pay off to be honest

  • Unsupported estimates with implications

  • Tax positions and ethics

  • Is your next employer ethical?

  • And more

This session was created and is presented by a veteran CFO Stephen Priddle who has created courses that over 28,000 accountants have attended and are known for practicality, examples, and humour, who is prolific writer of published cases.  

98% of this course content applies outside Canada, so it is of interest to accountants from anywhere in the world.


Who will benefit


Anybody with an interest in ethics or needing ethics hours.

Past feedback on the course:

  • T

  • Overall great ethics course

  • The examples and content overall was excellent I really enjoy the personal perspective you bring to the courses you offer. It is not just information being read to attendees. Its your personal experiences throughout your career that you are sharing with us.

  • Your course should be given directly to businesses and many other organizations and workers, not just CPAs part of a professional accounting body.

  • I enjoy the real life examples and calling out some historical (and not so historical) cases/stories

  • As a relatively new CPA, I appreciate this as I have yet to come across that many ethics issues in my career and now I feel prepared.

  • I enjoyed the course and the topics discussed. They feel like real life scenarios that I can apply to my career and my life.

  • This course made me laugh the most out loud and was the funniest which also helped keep everyone engaged and happy to be there.

  • I enjoyed this course and I believe a lot of people could benefit from attending

  • I especially liked the discussion if CPAs should have good ethics vs having more than the regular honest people in their community

  • The part on other professions facing ethical challenges was also original as it makes us take a step back from our profession to see what an ethical challenge would look like in another profession.

  • I enjoyed the course.  Your energy and delivery make the course what it is.

  • The strength of the course is the presentation of real life examples (as opposed to theoretical) of ethics conflicts that can arise and how to potentially approach resolving same=

  • Lots of real world examples, discussion about nuances of ethics

  • Good content, examples are current and applicable to what we face. 

  • Very informative and good use to humor involved to get the message across.

  • I actually liked a lot about this course.  It was entertaining and included MANY examples. 

  • I enjoyed the 10 minute breakout….I also liked the poll questions.

  • I like the non-accounting ethical dilemmas, those are more difficult.

  • I liked it.  A lot to think about.  There were numerous examples with possible solutions and things to think about. 

  • I love those suggestions to ask questions about the corps ethics during an interview – thank you for this! 

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